Copper Cable – Install and Testing

We are trained and certified in all categories of Copper cable installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and replacement. From the design to the final cable we will ensure that you are always fully apprised of the progress.
From pre-term to cut to length we specialise in delivering quality and consistency that others only aspire to achieve.

From Cat 5 through Cat 6 and up into Cat 7 we can supply fit, test and certify all of our cables are dressed to impress and we have customers who will not only vouch for our work they will often offer to take you around their data centres as they are as proud of our work as we are.

Cabling is only part of the equation when looking for a partner, you need someone who can understands the whole process from end to end and at City Data we have professionals who can walk and talk you through everything from containment to power, from wireless to wired networks and everything in between.

Fibre Cable – Install and Testing

Fibre termination is still an art and we have some of the best fibre splicers in Europe. We can provide for all of your fibre requirements from pre-tem through OM1 to OM4 and beyond. Whatever your requirement we have the specialists and equipment to deliver.

We regularly install blown fibre tubes and are able to populate as required. We are at the cutting edge of fibre technology and were recently commissions to install an LC to LC fibre cartridge solution for a 100 cab data centre installation.

We have invested a considerable amount of time and money in our fibre testing and certification suite of tools; so that you can be assured that every job is completed to the highest standard. Our engineers are all highly trained and skilled in the specialist tools required to install, test and certify fibre cable installs.