Telecoms is changing

As businesses embrace new and emerging technologies, it creates a significant opportunity in telecoms to reduce our carbon footprint, costs and increase profits. 

As well as dealing with new technologies, businesses must also contend with the major changes announced by BT.  From 2025, BT will be switching off their ISDN and PSTN services. This brings an end to the use of analogue phone lines, moving all communication technology online. 

How can City Data help?

Working together, we help businesses minimise their network costs, increase profits and increase sustainability through asset management services. Our specialists at City Data have over 25 years industry experience and can support with offering telecoms network equipment, network maintenance, decommissioning and recycling of equipment, system and hardware recovery and moves and changes. 

What makes us stand out is our reputation and approach, putting sustainability and responsibility at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Values

We are passionate about reducing carbon footprints and helping customers achieve sustainability through management of telecoms assets.

With thousands of successful projects under our belt, for government, financial and other demanding sectors, we are one of the most trusted cable service companies in the world.

We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline agreed with our clients. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are at the very pinnacle of their game. However, we are not resting there we are always striving to improve and learn.

We are accredited by all the major suppliers including: Corning, Excell, Systemax, Panduit and Krone.